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Top 10 Things Learned from Sequestering

  1. My wife is an interesting person and understands sewing machines really well.

  2. My ability to self-entertain has a number of improvement opportunities.

  3. An extended family can be of use in a pinch, like when you need an extra $50 to pay the cable TV movie bill.

  4. The online church has its advantages, especially when you need to visit the bathroom or go get a snack.

  5. Nerds on the Weather Channel are really good--and can be entertaining--at explaining the weather and forest fire conditions. Who knew?

  6. The more you pay for a mask, the better it is at preventing the fogging up of your glasses.

  7. Guys that you pay to do your yard work don't have to wear masks because they are more than 6 feet away from you.

  8. Sequestering makes a person think about things, like why did the governor open hairdressers before opening massage therapists and estheticians? The firefighters could have used them.

  9. Our outdoor cat won't wear a mask either. We tried. I'm still healing from the inch deep wound on my thigh.

  10. Many firefighters and policemen do not wear masks. They don't want to be identified with the bank robbers and pyromaniacs.

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