The Current Political Climate in America and The Second Coming of Christ

What if the only thing left in the Bible End-Times prophecies to fulfill was the Battle of Armageddon and the Return of Christ? Would that help make more sense of current events in the USA for Christians? Those who adhere to one of the popular End-Time views probably will stop reading this article now, but do not do it. I will answer the question I am posing and ask you to keep an open mind. Read on.

Concerning the last battle, the Bible prophesied that Ephraim would hook up with Judah (which includes Benjamin). They would rebuild Israel and be allies. They would fight the descendants of three old Empires and some of the European countries in the last battle on the Plain of Megiddo: The Battle of Armageddon.

These prophecies beg the question from enquiring minds: Where is Ephraim? Did not Ephraim (the 10 tribes of the Northern Kingdom) dissolve into the Nations? Yes, they did. How then can Ephraim come to Israel’s aide? Because God promised in Hosea 11:8-10. That tenth verse was cryptic, but not to those to whom God has opened its meaning. And, as prophesied, Ephraim has already come out of the West to help Israel. Ephraim is hidden in the United States, and Hidden Beast 2 has a whole chapter documenting that fact. You cannot get much further West from Israel than the United States. Just check a map.

Also, the fact that Armageddon is the next big event has been definitively proven through the meticulous, scholarly, and accurate interpretation of End-Time Scripture in the now out-of-print book, Hidden Beast 2 (the “2” stands for the second edition). Published in 1990 it correctly interpreted the Time of the End events laid out in Holy Scripture. That is precisely why you have not heard of it. After all, what true Prophet of God has ever been well received? And the author, Ellis H. Skolfield, was thrown out of more churches than he was received by churches.

One of the things established in Hidden Beast 2 is the difference between the biblical terms The End Times and The Time of the End. The End Times started at Pentecost and the giving of the Gift of the Holy Spirit. The Time of the End refers to that part of Daniel’s prophecy that caused Daniel to tell the Angel of the Lord: I do not understand this (Daniel 12:8). In the next verse, Daniel 12:9, the Angel of the Lord then said, “Go on your way, Daniel, for the words are secret and sealed until the time of the end.

When did Daniel’s Time of the End begin, and those verses of Scripture become opened? It was the Day that the Nation of Israel got legal sovereignty and hegemony over the Holy Hills of God, which are The Temple Mount and Jerusalem. That happened on June 6, 1967.

What does that mean? It means any theory about the End Times developed before Daniel’s Time of the End is wrong. That includes all of them except Ellis H. Skolfield's work. Almost all of the other theories are either from before June 6, 1967 or else revisions of those theories.

Back to the title of this Blog: The Current Political Climate in America and the Second Coming of Christ. Do you think the World would attack Israel if a strong American President would come to Israel's aid and not be afraid to use nuclear weapons? Personally, I do not think so. That being true, what must happen before the last great battle commences? That is right! A weak American President would need to be in office surrounded by people who hate Israel. It's a hunch, and I think it has merit. Armageddon may be the next great fulfillment of Biblical prophecy. Are you watching and waiting?

Please click the link (Hidden Beast 2) and read.##

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