In Your Church Fellowship...Who??

  • Who visited the sick?

  • Who has the most need of your love and encouragement?

  • Who made a puzzling statement?

  • Who cared for a needy friend--or did a good deed for you?

  • Who gave time to others--just to listen?

  • Who loved the least lovely?

  • Who called the forgotten ones?

  • Who encouraged the discouraged?

  • Who became Jesus in a hateful neighborhood--or family?

  • Who listened--really listened--and heard the heart of another?

  • Who will have a mask even without a COVID mask?

  • Who needs encouragement?

  • Who is willing to spend time in prayer with you? Significant time?

  • With whom are you willing to spend time in prayer? Open-ended time?

  • Who is a winner of souls?

  • Who visited you when you were in prison--and who did you visit?

It's time for me--and you--to exercise our spiritual gifts and calling every day and be the Love and Light of God in the neighborhood. It's time to be Christ (not the "church," but Jesus!) to our neighborhood.##

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