I'm Not Going to Write That!

I started to quote Psalm 91 and expound. It's about pestilence. Seemed appropriate since we are experiencing pestilence. However, it mentions something else, too.

It mentions the divide between evildoers (the human race) and a new group being formed. The new group are those who have turned away from their current life and turned to the good life that only Jesus can create within a person. And this Psalm really lets the human race have it right in the kisser.

God the Father, through His Son, Jesus, is creating a new race. It draws a line in the sand between the human race in its natural state and the new race which is born again of the Holy Spirit through a commitment to Jesus Christ.

Many don't think a personal relationship with God is possible. Many have convinced themselves God doesn't exist. And this Psalm, while promising safety to God's people, also promises destruction to those who are at enmity with God.

So, you see, because of that bluntness in the Psalm, I decided to write about why I didn't write about what I thought I was going to write. I didn't want to reinforce this false notion about God being an angry, vengeful God. No! He's not angry and vengeful. At present, He is patient and loving. However, His book the Bible warns of a time when his love for the human race will change to that of a Judge who executes judgement on those who have not joined the new race God is making. This new race has chosen to die to this world with Christ Jesus and allow His life to live through them. Only a fool would miss this opportunity.

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