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Great Service at Cooper Ave. Baptist, Yuba City, CA

The pastor, David Turner, at Cooper Avenue Baptist in Yuba City, Sierra Butte Association, is experiencing COVID-19 and asked me to stand in for him on 7/24/2022. So I did it!

I was blessed with meeting the people and the pastor's wife, who shared the children's message during the service.

I preached a sermon on the topic of the Galilean wedding tradition that Jesus used as a teaching tool to illustrate Christ's relationship to the Church.

After the service, I had a wonderful Mexican lunch with the Director of Missions, Charles Woods, and his wife. Charles and I have had a great relationship over the years. We both have lived and been involved in Baptist ministry in Missouri.

I'm putting myself out there as available for supply preaching, seminars, and brainstorming about church conflict or other matters.

God bless and keep you all! Love you guys in the Lord!!

Bob Lewis

or text or leave a message at (916) 996-0964

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