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In 2006 Gary and Karen Lewis (no relation to me) and I started work on a vision that Gary had for building a Children's Home in San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico. Our English speaking church in San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico, also bought into the vision. Many friends on both sides of the border bought into the vision. Churches, individuals, and service clubs in Mexico, the USA, and Canada heard about it and sent groups to work on building the home as well as money to fund it. In 2012 we opened Sonshine Hacienda, Home for Children, debt free. It is now flourishing and the vision of a Christian School across the road has also been realized. The school opens in the Fall.

However, the never-ending process of raising funds continues. Thus, the reason for this post. Perhaps some of you are looking for a cause to support. Find us online a and also check out our sponsor in the USA, Information for giving can be found on these websites.

We also need your prayers!

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