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If you've been a pastor in a church, especially a growing church, you are familiar with church conflict. It can be ugly. It can be subtle. It can be in your face. It can not only hurt and intimidate you, but it can also hurt your family. Church conflict is like barnacles on a ship, it hinders forward progress and can cause damage.

If you have a growing church, congratulations. Nevertheless, growing and evangelistic churches attract barnacles--trouble-makers in the church. Satan never stops his activity, especially for churches snatching people out of his domain.

I'm a veteran pastor and, therefore, I am a veteran of church conflict. I wrote a book some time ago with my thoughts about church conflict. I describe its modus operandi and suggest ways to deal with it. It's available on I hope you will consider reading it.

Here is a link to the page at my website:

Here is a link to the purchase page:

Blessings to you!

Bob Lewis

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